Successful completion of our first Oxford metalforming simulation workshop on 25th of October

Oxford metal forming simulation workshop on October 23-25 has been attended by the group of metal forming engineers from Scotland (AFRC), Israel (TechJet) and Russia (Omsk State Technical University). During three days the participants have got comprehensive training in simulation of metal forming processes using the newest software system QForm 7.

The course has been provided by Dr. Yury Gladkov who is a lecturer of Moscow State Technical Bauman University and Dr. Nikolay Biba (MICAS Simulations ltd.) The subjects covered by the program included:

The simulation problem setup and geometry preparation to fit requirements of FEM simulation. Mechanical and thermal coupling between tools and deformed material in metal forming. Die analysis and extending tool life. Local boundary conditions and advanced control of simulation parameters. The influence of deformation on physical properties of materials. Microstructure prediction in post-processor and coupled mode and how to implement your own material models in QForm 7 environment.

All the participants have had the opportunity to simulate their own specific cases and get profound consulting regarding the most efficient ways to get the most accurate results.

Very interesting cultural program and creative atmosphere of Oxford city have also contributed to the success of the workshop.

At the training on metal forming simuilation using the newest version of QForm 7. Lecturer Dr. Yury GladkovSix engineers have got Certificates in metal forming simulation using QForm 7 software